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Miscellaneous Publication/Presentations


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Curriculum Development


Cohen, R.E. Development of a curriculum, contracted by the Staff College at NIMH, for a one-week seminar on Disaster Intervention - Crisis Counseling. Delivery of a three-day workshop based on this curriculum was given in November 1979 for 25 senior members of the NIMH staff, in March 1980 in Washington, and in June 1981 in Kansas City, Missouri.


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Cohen, R.E. Child Psychiatry Training Course

 60 hours training 80 physicians in Lima, Peru

 April 1985.



(Yearly Activities)


1975 Peruvian Psychiatry Congress - Lima, Peru         

1975 A.P.A. National Meeting - USA

1975 A.P.A.L. Congress - Latin America

1977 Gran round presentation - Massachusetts General      Hospital, Boston

1980 Gran round presentation  Miami Medical School

1980 Medical Cuban Congress - Miami, Florida

1986 – 2002---Presentation at Congress of Psychiatry in Honduras, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Salvador on the subject of Programs to assist survivors after a Disaster.

2003- Presentation  at the III International Congress of Psychic Trauma and Traumatic Stress

1992-Development of curriculum and training during 1 year after Hurracane Andrew, Miami, Florida


Keynote Speaker - 10th Anniversary - Disaster Legislation, Washington, D.C.

Senior Visiting Lecturer - University of Vermont, June, 1985."Coping with Adolescent Refugees - Medical Cuban Congress - July 1, 1985.

Keynote Speech and Seminar Leader - Adolescence and Stress Response."  National Congress of Psychology - Panama City, Panama, July 1985.

Presentation at A.P.A.L. Congress "Children and Violence Santo Domingo, October, 1985.

Presentation at Regional Meeting of International Health Association "Post-Migratory psychological adaptation in Adolescent Refugees"-Miami, October, 1985.

1985-1997 - Presentation of disaster issues to multiple groups in the Miami community


Training Videos and Audio Tapes

 "La Puerta Abierta" Hispanic Social Services, Boston, 1979. "Crisis Counseling and Post Disaster Intervention" - Miami, 1983. "Psychiatric Interview with a Peruvian Family - Lima, Peru, 1985. "Psychiatry Interview Marital Status - Child" - 1985.

"Lecture - Stressors - Stress Responseî- 1986.

 Lecture - Natural Disaster - Mental Health Intervention" –

 1986. "Prevention Approach to Drug Abuse" - 1985.

1986--  Family and Prevention to Drug Abuse

 Violence on the Work Place - 1997 -presented to the State Attorney office Staff