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Disaster Psychosocial Intervention for Survivors: Self-instructional PowerPoint modules designed for use by responders in natural disasters who may not have access to live training

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Disaster Mini-Course (Teaching guidelines are included in the "Notes" section of each slide in the Mini-Course series)

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
YouTube Compilation of 6 Modules

bulletAssistance to Family Members after an Airline Disaster

bulletForensic Interviews in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Training the Trainers
Introduction to Training the Trainers
Summary of Training the Trainers
Therapeutic Reparative Psychiatry

En Español (PowerPoint)

Mini-Curso de Desastres
Modulo 1
Modulo 2
Modulo 3
Modulo 4
Modulo 5
Modulo 6


Programa de Salud Mental - Asistencia Post-Desastre
Aplicacion a la Practica Clinica - Lecciones Apprendidas en Desastres
Investigacion de Abusos Sexual
Abuso Sexual Infantil: El Rol del Pediatra en el Equipo Multidiciplinario
Entrenando los Entrenadores
Planificacion Post-Desastre
Capacitacion Para Desastres
Adultos Mayores y Desastre
Niños y Desastre
Minutos Para Sobrevivir
Temas Emergentes
Pediatria abuso sexual



Mental Health Services in Disasters: Instructors' Guide
Mental Health Services in Disasters: Manual for Humanitarian Workers
Salud Mental Para Víctimas de Desastre: Guía Para Instructores
Salud Mental Para Víctimas de Desastre: Manual Para Trabajadores


Mental Health Disaster Intervention Model (1970)
Participatory Experiences: Seymour Vestermark Memorial Lecture (1976)
The Managua Experience (1976)
Post-Disaster Impact of the Managua Earthquake (1979)
Post-Disaster Intervention Program: The Massachusetts Blizzard of 1978 (1979)
Crisis Intervention Handbook
Developmental Phases of Individual Reactions Following Natural Disasters (1984)
Consultation in Disasters - Refugees (1984)
The Armero Tragedy (1987)
Stressors - Migration & Aculturation to American Society (1987)
Intervention Programs for Children (1988)
Simon Bolivar Award Lecture (1990)
Post Hurricane Andrew Lessons (1992)
Training Mental Health Professionals to Work with Families (1992)
Terrorism, Disaster, and Mental Health (1999)
Mental Health Services for Victims of Disasters (2002)
Disaster and Mental Health (2003)
Disaster Psychiatry Throughout the Americas (2004)
Post-Disaster Intervention Procedure and Techniques (2005)
New Developments in the Area of Disaster Assistance (2006)
Implementation of Mental Health Programs for Survivors of Natural Disasters in Latin America (portion of chapter) (2006)
Disaster Planning for the Elderly Survivor (2006)
Disaster Issues in the Elder Population (2006)
Building Bridges: Connection Post-Disaster Responses to Molecular Processes (2006)
Psycho-Physiologic Stress Response Perspectives: Post Disaster Impact (2008)
Post-Disaster Training (2008)
The Role of Mental Health as a Therapeutic Agent in Traumatic Events (2009)
Creating a System that Understands Children (Trudy Novicki, Kristi House, Inc.)
Minutes to Survive After a Disaster (2010)
Women's Training Program (Afghanistan) (2010)
The Amero Tragedy [Hospital and Community Psychiatry] (2010)

Documentos en Español

Reacciones Individuales Ante Desastres Naturales (1984)
Asistencia Psicosocial en Desastres (2006)
Técnicas  y Procedimientos de Intervención Postdesastre (2007)
Lecciones aprendidas durante desastres naturales: 1970-2007
Salud Mental y el Impacto de Desastres (2008)
El Rol de Salud Mental Como Agente Terapeutico en Eventos Traumaticos (2009)
Minutos Para Sobrevivir Despues de un Desastre (2009)
Psiquiatria y Desastres (2010)
Salud Mental y Desastres Naturales en America Latina (2010)
Temas Contemporaneos de Salud Mental y Desastres (2011)