1942                B.S.-Quimica Industrial, San Marcos University, Lima, Peru


1945                M.P.H-Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Mass.


1949                MD-Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass. (first class graduating women doctors—first Peruvian graduate)


1951-1953       Psychiatric Externship, Metropolitan State Hospital, Waltham, Mass


1953-1957       Psychiatric Resident (half-time), Mass Mental Health Center, Boston, Mass.


1957-59           Child Psychiatry Resident, Mass. Mental Health Center, Boston, Mass.


1959-60           Chief, Day Hospital, Mass. Mental Health Center. (First developed in State)


1960-67           Academic Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School


1960-1963       Senior Staff (Attending), Mass. Mental Health Center


1963-1967       Psychiatric Director, North Suffolk Mental Health Center-Children Center-East Boston, Mass.


1967-1980       Private practice-(part-time)


1967-1975       Associate Director. Laboratory of Community Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


1968                Fellow, Center for Community Health and Medical Care, Boston, Mass.


1968-1969       Clinical Associate in Psychiatry (Academic), Harvard Medical School


1968-1974       Mental Health Consultant, Boston School System


1960-1971       Member, Continuing Education Training Review Committee, National Institute of Mental health, Washington, DC


1969-1971       Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


1969-1972       Governor’s Spanish-speaking Task-Force, Boston, Mass


1970-1973       Consultant, National Institute of Mental Health for Spanish-speaking populations


1970-1972       Member, Advisory Committee, Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation, Boston, Mass


1970-1974       Member, Admission committee, Harvard Medical School


1971-1980       Associate Psychiatrist, Mass. General Hospital, Boston, Mass


1971-1973       Chairperson, Task Force on the Mental Health of Spanish Speaking Populations, American Psychiatric Association


1972-1982       Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


1973-1974       Director, Mental Health Team, National Institute of Mental Health, Washington, DC: Post-Disaster Emergency Program in Managua, Nicaragua (post-earthquake)


1974-1985       Member, Inter-American Council of Psychiatric Associations, representing the American Psychiatry Association


1975                Consultant- Centro Piloto de Rehabilitacion en Salud Mental, Calletano Heredia School of Medicine, Lima, Peru


1975-1977       Director, New England Resource for Protective Services, Judge Baker Center, Boston, Mass (first regional center for child abuse programs)


1976-1978       Consultant, “Proyecto Puente Piedra”, Lima, Peru


1977-1981       Superintendent, Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center, Boston, Mass.


1977-8191       Area Director “Harbor Area”, Boston, Mass.


1979-1982       Member, US National Advisory Mental Health Council, Washington, DC (Review and Grants selection of all yearly US Mental Health Projects)


1979-1981       Member, Governor’s Committee on Children and Family, Boston, Mass.


1981-1984       Senior Consultant, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Health and Human Services, Washington, DC


1981-1983       Senior Visiting Staff, Spanish Family Guidance Center, Miami, Fl. (Cuban Mariel Refugees)


1982-1987       Associate Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Miami Medical School


1982-1989       Tenured Professor, University of Miami Medical School


1982-1987       Director, Education and Training, PAHO, Collaborating Center for Mental Health, UM Medical School


1982-1987       Member, Task Force on Child Abuse, Florida, US


1982                Consultant/Trainer Mental Health: Armero, Colombia (Volcan Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Disaster)


1985                Consultant, International Advisory committee, Ministerio de Salud, Instituto Nacional de Salud Mental, Lima Peru.


1985                Visiting Professor, Univ. Cayetano Heredia (1 week course in Basic Psychiatry for medical students)


1986                Trainer, XI Jornada de Psicolojia, Panama


1986                Member Regional Committee, National Institude Mental health, Training Transcultural Psychiatry


1986                Consultant and trainer to the San Salvador Government Emergency Program (Post Earthquake)


1989                Professor Emeritus, Dept. Psychiatry, UM University Medical School


1988                Member, International Advisory Board of the Simon Bolivar Program, Chicago, Ill.


1988-present    Trainer and Consultant in Disaster Mental Health, Central-South American Academic and governmental Staff, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela


1988                Trainer, Post-Disaster Mental Health, Federal Emergency Management Agency


1989                Consultant, Kidney Transplant Surgical Program, UM Medical School


1989                Administrative Director, UM, Jackson Hospital-Child Psychiatric Clinic, Kendall, Florida


1989                Member, Juvenile Committee Justice Dept, Miami,


1990-2000       Director, The Children’s Center, Office of the State Attorney, Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida (first facility designed to allow unbiased interviews with abused children to be used forensically)


1991                Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics. UM School of Medicine


1992-1993       Trainer/Consultant/ Emergency worker, Post Hurricane Andrew, Federal Government/Red Cross/UM Medical School


1992-1993       Multiple Media Educational Program, Post-Disaster (Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine)


1995-1997       Chair-Committee of Psychiatric Dimension of Disasters, Council of National Affairs, American Psychiatric Association


1995-1996       Member, Kristi House Board, Child Abuse Treatment and Management (for victims of abuse)


1996                Consultant/Trainer, Programa para ninos abusados, Fiscalia Nacional, Lima, Peru


1996                Miembra honoraria, Asociacion Psiquiatrica Peruana


1996                Mental Health Intervention, ValueJet Aviation Crash (assistance to families after all passengers died in the Everglades)


1996-1999       Consultant and presenter to Congressional Advisory Committee developing aviation law dealing with families of accidents.  Participated in training of commercial aviation staff on the mental health of grieving families (NTSB justice Dep.-Victim Services, Airline Program Services for Families in Aviation Disasters)


1996                Consultant/Trainer, Developing and implementing a mental health program to assist families of hostages taken by the MIRTA guerrillas in Lima, Peru


1997                Developing and implementing a crisis intervention disaster program for Miami-Dade County.  A permanent position in the Emergency Command Post for Mental Health was established under my leadership


1998                Consultant and Trainer, PAHO programs in Nicaragua and Honduras after Hurricane Mitch


1990                Main Speaker, Harvard Medical School 50th Alumni Reunion


2000                Trainer, American International Red Cross Program Venezuela Flood Disaster


2000                Developed distance learning project and curriculum through web site ( to share training curriculum with professionals (Spanish and English)


2001                Included in the list of female physicians in the exhibit, Changing the Face of Medicine at the National Library of Medicine, Washington, DC


2002-present    Consultant/Trainer/Curriculum Author, The Center for Disaster and Extreme Event Preparedness (DEEP). Dept. of Epidemiology & Public Health, Univ. of Miami Miller School of Medicine


2003                Member/Trainer of the Hispanic team developing the Spanish curriculum for DEEP


2003                Scientific Advisor, Disaster Intervention Section, WPA


2007                Trainer-Post Disaster Ica Earthquake. Lima, Peru


2014                Exponente Principal de Talleres de Capacitacion para Assistir a Niños Maltratados, Lima, Peru


Bibliography—See Web Page


Membership Affiliations

American Psychiatric Association, Distinguished Life Fellow

Mass Psychiatric Association

Peruvian Psychiatric Association

Massachusetts Medical Society

Mass. Public Health Assoc.

Work Federation for Mental Health

Community Leaders of America

Board of Governors, Pan American Soc. of New England

Who’s Who of American Women

Mental Health Association Of Miami-Dade County, Inc.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Several committees of the University of Miami

Kristi House Board (Child Abuse Treatment Program)

Volunteer Member, Consultant, Trainer for many community and International Trauma Programs

Miembro Correspondiente, Sociedad Peruana de Medicina de Emergencia y Desastres

Miembra Honoraria de Academia Nacional de Medicina de Peru



1976                Recipient of the American Psychiatric Association/National Institute of Mental Health Seymour D. Vestermark Psychiatric Educator Award for the excellence in Teaching: Annual award to a psychiatric educator for outstanding contributions to the education and development of psychiatrists


1979                The Massachusetts Public Health Association Paul Revere Award


1991                Coalition of Hispanic National Women Award


1992                Recipient of the Simon Bolivar Award, American Psychiatric Assoc.: Recognition for dedication on behalf of Hispanic Professionals


1998                Stephen Clark Children’s Award for Outstanding Children’s Service Professional (Program for Child Abuse)